ARMED RESPONSE (2017) Review: Wesley Snipes does the limbo! (How low can he go?)


Director: John Stockwell
Writer: Matt Savelloni
Starring: Wesley Snipes, Anne Heche, Dave Annable, Colby Lopez, Mo Gallini, Morgan Roberts, Mike Seal, and Eyas Younis

Armed Response is a tepid military horror film wearing the thin veneer of an action movie. Unfortunately for the odd assemblage of a cast, which features Wesley Snipes (Blade trilogy, Demolition Man) as a commander putting together a recon team, Anne Heche (Donnie Brasco, My Friend Dahmer) as one of his subordinates, and WWE’s Seth Rollins, aka Colby Lopez (Death Before Dishonor VIII), as a violent veteran, the movie provides viewers with zero impetus to stick around through its endless scenes of talking heads and darkened corridors.

Check out my full review with pics of the few interesting bits at HorrorNews.Net!

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