THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM (2016) Review! Bill Nighy and Olivia Cooke knock it out of ye olde English park!


Director:           Juan Carlos Medina
Writer:               Jane Goldman (screenplay), Peter Ackroyd (based on the novel by)
Starring:            Bill Nighy, Olivia Cooke, Douglas Booth, Sam Reid, Daniel Mays, and María Valverde

The Limehouse Golem follows the morose inspector Kildare on his unlikely quest to catch a serial killer known by the moniker “The Limehouse Golem.” Kildare, whose career has been dogged by hardships due to his homosexuality, realizes that there’s a connection between the killer and a young stage actress’s arrest for the murder of her husband. Seeing the young woman’s oppression under a patriarchy as parallel to his own, Kildare seeks to help her escape hanging by finding out the truth of the tangled affair.

This is a classy flick with a lot to offer to mystery lovers, period-piece afficianados, and fans of fine acting. Check out my full review with startling screenshots at HorrorNews.Net!

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