DEVIL’S ACID (2018) Review! Ever want to see a little person make vomit angels? Me either, but here it is.



When it’s time for dad to tell his sons a bedtime story, little people with bad dispositions, sexy twins, and tabs of acid are all suitable material when the Devil’s involved.


Directors: Garrett Kruithof
Writers: Eric Gibson, Finch Nissen, Garrett Kruithof (story)
Starring: Drew Rin Varick, Betty Jeune, Ashley Dulaney, Eric Gibson, Misty & Kim Ormiston, Dale Beasley, Nina Leon, Garrett Kruithof, Finch Nissen

Devil’s Acid is an independent horror film wherein an inebriated father tries to put his young sons to sleep by telling them a bizarre tale that mixes House on Haunted Hill (1959), Go (1999)and a little bit of Tomcats (2001) all into one yarn. As the story goes on and daddy’s blood-alcohol level goes up, the lines between fiction, truth, and the plot get harder to follow.

The largest issue with Devil’s Acid comes from a lack of self-editing, as the first half hour features neither devils nor acid, but overlong setup. The setup does come around to tighten up the ending in the last fifteen minutes, which provides some much-needed payback, but it would’ve been nice to tighten up the pace by trimming the fat. Still, if you’re in the mood for crude language, bodily-waste play, and an amniotic-fluid covered little person running though hospital halls, you’re likely to find it nowhere else but in Devil’s Acid.


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