BUNNYMAN VENGEANCE (2017) Review! This movie has the weirdest dream sequence ever, and it’s worth it.


Director:  Carl Lindbergh
Writer: Carl Lindbergh
Starring: Michael Shaun Sandy, Omari Washington, Pucci Tres, Joshua Lang and Carl Lindbergh 

Bunnyman Vengeance (2017)  is the third, and reportedly final, Bunnyman film. What is Bunnyman, you ask? The Bunnyman, or “Michael,” is a horribly burned killer who does his dirty work in an Easter Bunny costume that’s long ago seen better days. The first two Bunnyman films saw our intrepid killer torment random strangers, but this final entry has Bunnyman returning home to his siblings’ spooky attraction out in the middle of nowhere, California. Rather than re-integrating into their psychotic murderous exploits, he threatens to blow their whole operation, which apparently consists of killing hikers and making a year’s worth of income in one night by running a second-rate haunted house.

Bunnyman Vengeance is a bizarre beast. With one part original insanity, and two parts derivative The Devil’s Reject and Texas Chain Saw (1974) filler, this film fluctuates between heavily entertaining and overlong. The parts that are good—such as the insane music-video-turned-dream-sequence (seriously, watch this film for this 3 minute section, alone)—are visually fascinating and no-holds barred. The filler parts, which consist of dry establishing shots, repetitive vignetted flashback footage, and questionable death scenes, become tiresome early.

All that considered, indie fans of horror fare ought to give this funky film a view, if only for the bizarre dream sequence. Check out my full review, complete with splatter-ific pics at HorrorNews.Net!


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