TALON FALLS (2017) Review! Haunted Attraction make teens go slump in the night!


Writer / Director: Joshua Shreve
Starring: Morgan Wiggins, Jordyn Rudolph, Brad Bell, Ryan Rudolph
Morgan Wiggins – Lyndsey killjoy, Brad Bell – Lance douche, Jordyn Rudolph – Ryder blonde, Ryan Rudolph – Sean boring

Talon Falls is of the most recent direct-to-video titles to promise torture-themed horror entertainment with an indie flair. While it has solid technical know-how off screen, clever use of pre-designed theme park sets, and nicely crafted masks in abundance, poor acting and the lack of a clever script to go along with the decent plot keep Talon Falls from entering the must watch list.

There’s some fun here for torture-porn fans, but the acting puts a damper on the danger. Still, it may be worth a rent if recent pain flicks have left you wanting, so check out my full review at HorrorNews.Net!

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