DEVIL’S NIGHT (2017) Review! Viral videos and the demonic dead!


Director: Todd Bishop
Writer: Derek Rethwisch
Starring: Adam Forrest, Elizabeth Peterson, Alex Ho, Kristina Cohen Kruz, Nolan Freeman, Shani Atias, and Kevin Grossman

Devil’s Night is a stylized found-footage horror film from comedy-segment director Todd Bishop (Our Robocop RemakeJimmy Kimmel Live! Series), and screenwriter Derek Rethwisch (My Homework Ate My Dog). What sets this boy-meets-demon film apart from its countless brethren is the variety of camera styles utilized, as well as solid lead performances from Adam Forrest (Fujiyama Ichiban) and Elizabeth Peterson (Avengers Grim, Halloween Hell).

Devil’s Night has a lot to recommend it, especially for those of us who love both obscure documentaries and horror films. The separate styles of presentation Bishop employs in his freshman feature keep the well-trodden material from getting stale, and his cast holds up the script’s serviceable dialogue admirably. If you aren’t exhausted of the found-footage genre, and want to see an indie flick that gets it right, definitely give Devil’s Night a watch.

Check out my full review with ghastly screenshots and details gore-lor at HorrorNews.Net!


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