The Gracefield Incident (2017) Review! Corn and Aliens and Canadians, Oh My!


Director: Mathieu Ratthe
Writer: Mathieu Ratthe
Starring: Mathieu Ratthe, Kimberly Laferriere, Victor Andres Turgeon-Trelles, Laurence Dauphinais, Alex C. Nachi, Juliette Gosselin

The Gracefield Incident is a found footage alien flick from writer and freshman feature-length director Mathieu Ratthe, who also stars in the movie. Part Signs (2002) and part The Blair Witch Project (1999), The Gracefield Incident attempts to use indie film-making techniques to create a tense and emotionally resonant sci-fi horror film, and succeeds in half-measures.

Still, The Gracefield Incident is an interesting addition to up-and-coming horror maker Mathieu Ratthe’s resume, and those in search of that rare alien tale that looms closer to horror than science fiction should give the flick a watch. Hopefully Ratthe will continue to hone his directing chops to the level of his writing; when they match up, we’re all in for a real treat.

Check out my full review for more details and spooky screenshots at HorrorNews.Net!

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