SACRILEGE Film Review! Demon kids gonna be demon kids!


Director: Paul Catalanotto
Writer: Mary Nguyen Catalanotto, Paul Catalanotto, and Mark Twain Williams
Starring: Jenn Foreman, Megan Few, Jordan Salloum, Kim Baptiste, Greg Pearson, and Chad Graham 

Sacrilege is of that particular breed of horror film centered on a possessed object tormenting those unfortunate enough to come into contact with it. The most recent spate of similar films range from 2013’s Oculus to this year’s killer-doll sequel Annabelle: Creation, and there’s something inherently interesting in the idea that the things in our home might be out to get us. That draw aside, Sacrilege’s well-worn tale of a childhood toy (in this case, a music box) harboring a demonic spirit doesn’t appear to have much to recommend it on the surface—however, despite uneven acting and the occasional rookie directing mistakes, there are unique points and a solid plot shining through the direct-to-video veneer.

Check out my full review with more screenshots at HorrorNews.Net!

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