THE HOLLY KANE EXPERIMENT Review! Brain-washing and moping around, hurrah!


In The Holly Kane Experiment (2017), the titular character (Kirsty Averton) is an isolated young psychologist who spends her time tweaking a do-it-yourself website about her subliminal mind-control techniques, and having beers with her chemist turned-drug-dealer friend. When she gets a call from the local hospital to help a patient manage surgery pain, Holly winds up with a malpractice lawsuit when the patient’s feelings fail to return.

This does nothing to brighten Holly’s daily routine of typing and submitting herself to drug-induced brainwashings, but things look up when she runs into the dorky yet charming post divorcee Dennis MacIntyre (James Rose.) Despite his overt fear of surveillance and clear history of mental problems, Holly takes a shine to Dennis. The two get along fine, until Holly’s professional idol, Dr. Marvin Greenslade (Nicky Henson), shows up to fund her research and make her malpractice charge disappear. Despite being several decades her senior, Dr. Greenslade comes on to his new protegee, and she accepts his advances, albeit with the vigor a sofa cushion exhibits when accepting the advances of an amorous puppy.

Check out my full review of this UK delight at HorrorNews.Net!


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